My vision on love stories

On your wedding day, I want to be a friend to you and your loved ones. To capture their characters and the moments that pass so quickly. To freeze the moment where your relatives are smiling, your best friends tear, the atmosphere, the details, the fun.

I also like to take you on an adventure. To walk around, spend a short while together and take some awesome images on the go. So don't worry about posing, let's just go out hiking and be surprised. (If you looked at my work you will have noticed I like the great outdoors. So yes, your shoes might get a bit dirty. But hopefully you'll thank me afterwards.)

I believe in documenting your wedding as a story, with artistic freedom and I will deliver lots and lots of images to you. While selecting my images, I always make myself think: if this was my familymember, would I like to have this picture, even when it is almost similar to the previous? If the answer is yes, that will definitely make the selection. I don't think less images make for a better result, so be sure to free up some hard disk space!

If you think we are a perfect fit, please take some time to fill in the contact form and I will be in touch soon.


To receive my pricing PDF please contact me and tell me all about your wedding!


Info & faq

Do you travel?

I love to travel anywhere for your wedding. My photography has taken me to Italy, Iceland, Norway and I have a lot of destinations still on my list.

What countries are on your list, then?

So nice you asked! I would love to capture a countryside wedding in Scotland, a tropical destination wedding, a forest elopement in Canada / USA and any other wedding adventure that includes combining beautiful environment with a lovestory.

How many images will we get?

On an average wedding with 12 hours of coverage you will get 600+ images.

Can I select my own images for the wedding book?

Yes you can! When I receive a selection, I will send you the layout. You can have as much changes in the layout as you like, untill the book is perfect for you.

Do you work alone or with an assistent / second shooter?

Both! Most of the time I work alone, but I also work with skilled second shooters. Ofcourse the editing will be done in my signature style.

Can we keep our images offline?

Shooting weddings is my full time job. Therefore, I have to showcase my work to make sure future brides will find me. If you want me to keep your images offline I charge €2500,- loss of revenue. Ofcourse, if there is a particular image you don’t want online, you can always tell me and I will keep it off the web.

Are you insured?


Do you have backup equipment?


What happens when you are in an accident, or get ill?

Luckily, I have a network with hundreds of skilled, professional photographers. We have special emergency facebook & whatsapp groups to take care of this. In the rare case of an accident or illness on my side, I will find you a skilled photographer to capture your day. The images will be edited in my own style.

What are the costs?

I would love to hear about your lovestory first. To receive my pricing PDF please contact me via the contact form or

How do we book you?

Please fill in the contact form and tell me all about you and your elopement, wedding or lovestory. To book my services there is a retainer. If you like, after booking we can meet in person here in Apeldoorn. Usually brides outside the Netherlands will schedule a skype meeting.